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What kind of chemicals does Top Turf Sod Farm use on sod?

We fertilize regularly with a mixture of Nitrogen, Potash, and Phosphate. We also use a pre-emerge which discourages the growth of weeds before they start. Top Turf uses very little herbicide on farmed turf because the intense schedule of mowing, watering, and fertilizing naturally discourages the growth of weeds. However, sometimes it is necessary to […]

How does farming turfgrass affect the soil?

Farming turfgrass benefits soil compared to other types of farming because it not only 1) decreases erosion to almost zero, it also 2) builds topsoil. Erosion occurs when the elements of nature (wind, rain, etc.) wash or blow away nutrient-rich topsoil. When topsoil is washed away, any chemicals that have been used on the area […]

Should I fertilize or treat my lawn?

Keeping a really beautiful lawn can take a lot of work! The level of maintenance is up to you, but for really gorgeous grass we recommend regular fertilizing. If you have Bermuda grass, we recommend that you use a pre-emerge in the very early spring to prevent weeds from sprouting. You may also use fertilizer […]

When does grass go dormant for the winter?

Of the top-quality brands offered by Top Turf, only Bermuda and Zoysia grasses go dormant during the winter. Exactly when the dormant period begins depends upon the weather. When it first begins to frost, the grass will begin to go dormant. After a hard freeze, these types of grass are completely dormant. In north Alabama […]

Should I purchase rolls or slabs? 1

There is no difference in the cost: 2 rolls are the same price as 1 pallet; 2 rolls equal the same square footage as 1 pallet. It is important to know that it is all but impossible to install a roll of grass without a roll-installing machine or forklift. A roll of sod weighs 700-900lbs.