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Does Top Turf Sod Farm deliver and install grass or can I pick it up?

We do not install turfgrass. 

You may pick up your order or we can deliver it, depending on the size of the order. There is a minimum order for delivery – our trucks haul 10-20 pallets at a time.

Orders of just a few pallets are typically scheduled as a pick-up appointment (Mon-Sat, weather permitting). Orders of fewer than 10 pallets may be delivered but it depends upon how backed up orders are – the summer is the busiest season. Sometimes we have the capacity to deliver smaller orders and sometimes we do not. 

The delivery fee depends on how far from the farm it is going. It is a flat rate.

In order to pick up your sod, you’ll need a vehicle capable of transporting the grass. A pallet may weigh 1600-1900 pounds.  Pallets are 48 inches square (with some variability), so a truck bed must be at least that wide to fit 1pallet; more or less than a pallet may be transported in a variety of vehicles.  Most customers use a truck or SUV with a trailer to transport sod.

Pickups smaller than half-ton (Nissan Frontier, Hard-body, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, S10, Ford Ranger/Mazda B series, Dodge Dakota) can carry half to three-quarters of a pallet, depending on exact model and suspension equipment. A half ton truck (Chevrolet C1500 Silverado, Ford F150, Dodge Ram 1500, Nissan Titan Toyota Tundra) is capable of carrying about one 50 yard pallet. A three-quarter ton truck will carry the weight of a pallet and a half, though unless they are equipped with a flat bed, only one pallet will fit in the bed, and the remaining half pallet will have to be loaded and unloaded by hand.   A one ton truck (Chevrolet 3500, Ford F350, Dodge Ram 3500)is generally capable of carrying two pallets, if they are equipped with a flat bed.  If they are equipped with pick-up style bed, they usually run out of room before two pallets are loaded, even loading them by hand.  A receiver-hitch trailer can generally carry one pallet per axle. Goose neck trailers can usually carry about two pallets per axle. Also, Fescue slabs tend to be bigger than Bermuda slabs because they usually have more moisture and are cut to be taller and thicker.